Relations — Poem

Family scattered

throughout the house

Sugar sits in different shapes

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When Driving in Fog — Poem

I can feel it seeping in through my ears, swirling around my mind, threatening to coat my eyes. “When driving in fog, do not turn on high beams.” But the lever is right there; light is right there! “They will only reflect off the fog and make it harder to see. Stay on low beams…

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Idols/Favorite Authors — Poem

I build a home in your words Sink into the comfy armchair of your thoughts Prop up one of your pages, a mirror in which to do my morning makeup I strap on your sentences, ready to face the world With your paragraphs in my pockets, I am safe They are not a helmet or…

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Autumn — Acrostic Poem

A chill arrives in one soft breath, carrying with it
the laughter of children, punctuated by the crunch of leaves…

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Quiet Girl — Poem

Quiet girl, I know it’s taken you a while to uncurl lips that twist and turn between teeth that test and taste each word before creating a carefully considered sentence you hope will meet acceptance Quiet girl, I know how out of character it is for you to share just a couple spare words that…

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